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     To start I think some of you already knew who this person is. he is a creative entrepreneur, youtuber, filmmaker,  and the co-founder of the multimedia company Beme. Now, if you like to watch YouTube especially vloggers. You know that this person is the so called King of Vloggers. 
     However, enough introduction let us see why he is an interesting person and very influential to my life personally. Let's start with his story before he was this rich, CEO, YouTube personality, he was pretty poor, even so poor you could rate his living condition below the average Americans. He used to wash dishes at this local restaurant and people mock at him for being stupid and not having a sustainable job.


So he eventually went to New York City. It is there where he paved his own way to success to become a filmmaker like he has always wanted. At first it was really hard but one by one he started to pick his leg up and was able to produce a show for HBO called the Neistat Brothers for 1 Million USD. From there he started to gain his own views on other platforms especially YouTube making small movies that gained millions of views although he
didn't upload that oftenly.                                                                         Source:
    Until 2015, he started doing daily vlogs but why should we care right. It's just normal vlogs not like anything different, well you're kinda wrong his vlogs really shows his daily life and struggle throughout his entire day from jumping between places in a very short time, doing meetings everywhere, editing, and sleeping for only 4 hours. That he do every single day which inspires me in a big way, how could this one person keeps on doing the same thing and be so energetic about it at the same time which I think is very interesting. Other than that he also does talks at events especially TED-EDs events to inspire people everyday which I think is enough for a contribution he even has been to Indonesia before doing a talk in Jakarta. I think personally that is why he is very interesting and valuable to me because again he inspired me in dealing with my hardest time which is dealing with my final exams.
  So what can we take from this story? Well it means that no matter what life throws at you, YOU HAVE TO WORK HARD!
If you want to see the full story here is the link:



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