Edu Passion

Vlog Hi this my vlog that I made with my friends back in edu passion. My team members are: Dwikavindra H.R Faris Muhannad Raihan Salman M. Ibrahim Aziz Rino Harindhana We're very sorry to upload this video very late because we ran into a virus which almost deleted all of our footage. It took almost a day and 15 minutes to recover the data. So there are hiccups in the video. Hope you enjoy it TO WATCH THE VIDEO WITH SUBTITLE PLEASE CLICK THE CC/CAPTION BUTTON IN YOUR SETTINGS 

Drama Video

Godiva's Crown To start , there a re a few things that I would like to say. So me and my co- workers/ friends (Azhar, Karima, Kaila Zahra, and Tasya Berlian) made a drama video which is heavily inspired and based on Cinderella's story except for some twist here and there  I tells us a story about a princess who is hevily bullied by her stepmother and her daughter to go to a ball party in the chocolate kingdom. There she unexpectedly meet her one and only true love of her life. You have to check it if you want to see the difference. (P.S: We're really shy in terms of uploading it into YouTube so the video is available only in google drive :( )

Announcement Exercise

ACTIVITY 1 Read the following announcement carefully and identify its elements.
“Tea with Mrs. Potts”
Join Mrs. Potts and the cast of Beauty and the Beast for an afternoon of tea, snacks, and fun activities. All children are invited and welcome to dress up as their favorite Beauty and the Beast characters! February, 25 2018 – Trinity High School 2:00 PM – 3.30 PM Free
Contact Caroline Jarrett at with any questions.