Stumbling Upon A Mysterious Young Lady(Dialogue)

Stumbling Upon A Mysterious Young Lady
Dwika is waiting for a train when he happened to stumble upon a young lady. He approached her and started a conversation.
Dwika : Oh hi there! Where are you going to?
Tasya : Oh Hello. I am actually going to Jakarta
Dwika : Oh what a good coincidence. We happened to go to the same place
Tasya :  Yeah…
Dwika : Oh sorry for not introducing myself. My name is Dwika and you are?
Tasya : My name is Tasya.
Dwika :  So why are you going there? I mean what attracts you to go to Jakarta?
Tasya :  Well I have a meeting. You see I am actually working on to make a start- up company.
Dwika : Oh wow! That is a very bold move to make especially for a young lady like you. Oh If I may ask something. What will your start up company be focused in?
Tasya : Well for the moment being my company will largely focus on online cake delivery. For now it will only be just small cakes. But in the future I hope we can also deliver large cakes especially for weddings.
Dwika : Wow, that’s sounds like a great idea ! Do you come from around here?
Tasya : No I actually come from Kopo
Dwika : Oh wow that is very far
Tasya : I know right.
Well, the train finally came and the train horn sounded(Chu.. Chu..). Realizing this, Dwika quickly looked over it  and saw the train. That’s when he realized he needs to end the conversation.
Dwika : Well that’s my train I gotta go. See you later perhaps?
Tasya : Yeah I hope we will see each other again!ss


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