So back then, when I was still around 11 years old, I had a strange and terrifying experience that still mingles through my mind until today. I just can't seem to forget about it, thankfully I'm still living and breathing today.

        If you do not know where I  actually live, I live in an amazing and beautiful country called Indonesia specifically in the city of Bandung. Indonesia is known to others as a country with beautiful  beaches, scenery and its rich culture. But what people seemed to kinda forget is the fact that this country or my country is still a developing a country, therefore they seemed to forget that Indonesia still has a staggering  CRIME RATE  according to These crimes may vary between people but you can summarize it to threat, death, stealing, and kidnapping. These four elements of crime is very common in Indonesia.So whether you are tourists or natives in Indonesia, you have to be really careful for the sake of your being.

     But back to my story, when this specific event happened I was not in my hometown (Bandung). What am I doing? If you were wondering what was I doing all the way in Jakarta, well long story short I was there for a family trip but I have to wait for my dad to arrive in his apartment. Thankfully tho he gave the spare keys to my mom. So that we can actually rest while waiting for him. Being me, I actually got bored pretty quick. This is because there were no Wi-Fi connection available in my dad's apartment. So the only thing I could do was playing offline games and watching some TV. Playing games was also a bit hard the apartment itself doesn't have a spacious desk to play any games on. So after hours of complete boringness( The word boringness is not in the the thesaurus, I know). I decided to go to the cafeteria to actually watch some YouTube videos.  At first my mom didn't allow me to go to the cafeteria alone because I was relatively young. But eventually she did with the condition that my sister should always be beside me and she ordered us to buy some food form the cafeteria. 

   So in the evening we actually went to the cafeteria, chose a place to seat and wait while my sister actually bought the food. The food actually took very long to come around. So I opened my huge bulky Macbook Pro. Started  it up, entered my password and quickly connect to the internet. I connected myself to YouTube, plugged my earphones, and I started watching some YouTube videos all alone while waiting for my sister. Due keep in mind that at this age I've actually done this a lot, this habit died off when YouTube introduced its offline video saving. Well, back to the real story, suddenly a  fat huge person awkwardly positioned himself in front of me and started asking some questions about my Macbook Pro. I knew that this was a threat, the guy was actually making fake phone calls, and claimed that he was a teacher at some International school. Well I quickly packed my bags, but thankfully my sister came and brought the food. We quickly left the scene and ran towards our apartment. While we were running the person was actually staring at us and when I arrived back a my dad's apartment, I told everything to my Mom. My Mom had a shock but she quickly calmed herself down and told me to be more careful. That is all thank you! I hope you enjoy reading this long and boring recount! I know it seems like a really small threat but it is actually pretty serious when you think about it, some bad things could happen to you! So please be careful out there!

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