Dialogue (Holiday)

Holiday Plans
Dwika meets Ajay in the school canteen. He sits right next to him and asks a few questions about his holiday plans. 
Dwika: Hey, How is it going, Ajay?
Ajay   : Oh, It's cool.
Dwika: So holiday is coming up soon. If you don't mid, may I ask where you are going?
Ajay   : Well, for my holiday I'm going to Garut. 
Dwika: So what are you going to do there?
Ajay   : I'm going to visit my family especially my grandfather. Other than that I'm also going to                      swim a lot at the hot water spring.
Dwika: Are you also going to visit the Cangkuang Temple?
Ajay   :Well, Yes  I was about to say that, Hahahaha! How about you, Dwika what are your plans?
Dwika: Well for my holiday I will hopefully be having a holiday in Singapore with my family. 
Ajay   : Oh wow? That sounds like a great idea! What are you going to do there?
Dwika; Well for now it's only small talks. It's not a plan yet. But for me it'll be very interesting if me and my family can go around Singapore more because the last time we visited Singapore it was only for a brief moment and we didn't get to visit all the places that we want go.
Ajay: Well what are those places?
Dwika: Well for one I would really love to explore Marina Bay Sands, Singapore Center, China Town, and Little India.
Ajay:  Wow, your holiday sounds better than mine! I hope I can go there too!
Dwika: Nah is not, going to Garut is much more better but the most important thing about holiday ius              about your experiences that you gained along the way!
Ajay: Yes that is very true. By the way when is our holiday going to start anyways?
Dwika: Well, it will hopefully start in 16th December 2017 and ends in the first or the second day of                January. 
The bell rings and they have to go back to their classroom
Dwika: I'll see you later perhaps?
Ajay: Yes It was nice talking to you, goodbye!
Dwika: Bye!


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