Hello there! My name is Dwika. I am a student from 3 High School Bandung. You know, when I think about making a bio or an in-depth look at myself. I feel that it is a bit unsafe. To me, putting your general information or a detailed information about yourself can pose a big threat to yourself. I fear that this is one of the ways bad people get closed information about yourself. 

  But the more i think about it, the reason on why people are willingly open about their personal information, is because so that other people from all over the world can take the personal meaning behind your story so that, it would have a positive impact on their lives which in the end could inspire them to do better things. So without further to do lets talk about myself. 

  I was born in a tiny city just east out of Jakarta, Indonesia. That city is Bandung. To be specific I was born on the month of June, the date 15, and the year 2002. So as I am writing this I am still 15 years old. I don't specifically know why my father and mother decided to name me "Dwika" but from what I've heard the name originated from the word "Kevin"( I know right that's a very huge difference ). But that doesn't matter, I still do like my name because of its uniqueness. Not many people decided to name their child "Dwika". They usually name their child with a mediocre name such as "Muhammad", "Asep",etc. 
 But enough about names. In my parent's eyes I was a very energetic child because back when I was just around 5 years old, I like to run  and ride a bicycle around my house until I actually fell and hit a door causing a swell to develop on my head. Other than that I used to draw on walls, making my parents furious and agitated so they decided to give me a new hobby which was bicycle riding. So for the next 2 years or so that was my hobby. To be honest I don't recall many events about my childhood between the range 3-5 years old. Despite being told some memorable events by my parents. 
 My elementary school years have some memories that I can't forget. There I learned a lot of things about making friends, learning subjects, etc. But to me those years are the years where I have loyal friends that I count on and trust to whenever I want to. But other than that the most memorable experience that I gained was during junior high school years. There i gained a lot of experience from joining speech competitions, new relationships with teachers, renewing my habits,etc. However not all of those are joyful memories. Some are painful to remember, some are to hard to bear until now. I wouldn't tell it here since it is memories that I don't want to open again and want nothing do with it anymore. 
 The most memorable and indestructible experience that I gained during those years were mostly filled with hard work, persistence, and most importantly friends and family. Because those things are the  fundamentals that made me who I am until today and it is also the reason why I succeeded in my National Examination Test, allowing to me join the best high school in Bandung which is 3 High School Bandung. Hopefully I can still gain more experience to come  in the future. I hope you enjoy reading this little unorganized auto biography by me. 

Thank You for Reading!

Best Regards


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